Privacy Policy

A privacy policy is a document explaining how a website handles and maintains your privacy.  It will explain what (if any) personal data is collected and how such data is handled and secured within the website.

You should always read the privacy policy of websites you visit.  This is to make sure you understand exactly what information the website collects about you and how such information is dealt with securely.

This privacy policy covers all pages of our website from the domain  Please be aware that due to differences in which data is collected the support website has it’s own privacy policy.

We use a third party web application called Google Analytics.  This application allows us to monitor the usage of our website so we can identify useful things such as:

  • Which pages are viewed the most?
  • Which is the most popular landing page?
  • What browser/operating system do our visitors use?
  • How many new/returning visitors do we get each day/month/etc.

This information helps us improve our website.  For example, by knowing what browser/operating system our visitors use we can try to ensure the website works perfect in those environments.  This helps to make browsing the website a better experience for you, our visitors.  For more information about Google Analytics please click here.

Yes.  The information collected via Google Analytics is completely anonymous.  We have no way of identifying an individual person and who they are through use of this data.

That said, cookies are used to track whether you are a new or returning visitor.  This cookie allows us to link other bits of information to you.  For example, we may be able to see you are a new visitor using Internet Explorer 9 with Windows 7 somewhere in the United Kingdom.  However, we can’t emphasise enough that we are not able to identify who you are individually, only information relating to your computer/operating system/browser and visit frequency etc.

A cookie is a small file that is stored on your computer.  Our website asks your web browser to store this cookie on your computer when you first visit the site.  Then, on your subsequent visits your web browsers sends the cookie back to our website and from this we can see that you have visit us before.

The simple answer to this question is “Yes, if you give us permission”.  Cookies are a big part of website design and development and sometimes they are essential to the website working correctly.  For example, cookies are often used when you log into a website, this is so the site itself can track that you are logged in.  Otherwise, it would have to ask you to log in on every page which would not be very user friendly.

Cookies are used on the majority of websites on the Internet today and most web browsers automatically allow cookies to be stored on your computer.

That said, a recent EU Directive states that should a website wish to make use of cookies they should inform users of how those cookies are used.  Although we don’t collect personal information such as name or email address on our public website we wanted to be very clear and explain how we use cookies and any data collected by Google Analytics.  We take your privacy very seriously.

You should have noticed the popup message on our website when you first visited informing you that we use cookies on our website and including a link to this privacy policy.

If you wish to disable cookies most web browsers have a feature that allows you to do so.  Below we have some links to documentation on how to block/allow cookies in some of the most popular web browsers.  If your web browser is not listed here and you wish to know how to block/allow cookies please consult your browser’s author.