LA ICT Services offer connectivity with speeds from 2MB to 100MB based on your schools individual needs. There are many types of connectivity technology available today.

We have done all the research and we can discuss the pros and cons of each. Broadband is getting faster with part fibre optic solutions becoming more cost effective, depending on your location faster connectivity and built in resiliency options may be available to you.

As we are independent we can work with all the leading suppliers and get the best value for money for your school. Our service not only includes connectivity, but there are a number of other services we bolt together to deliver this solution, these include:-

  • Your connection, this may be one or more lines of connection bonded together for speed and resiliency from 2MB to 100MB
  • Web filtering for education with separate staff and student filtering that’s fully customised to your needs.
  • Work from home for key members of staff; use your laptop at home as if you were in school.
  • As part of this service we will host Espresso content reducing the cost to the school – if you decide to buy it.
  • Web hosting for your schools website.
  • DNS hosting for your domain name.
  • Secure file transfer of data to the local authority through the s2s site

There are a number of benefits in us providing this service for your school:-

  • Resiliency – schools can’t function without the internet, we can mitigate this risk by having one or more backup routes.
  • Costs – we will separate out asset costs from our agreement so they are yours to keep, giving you more options after 12 months
  • Security – all our offerings come with industry standard Cisco security devices – giving you the best security money can buy – there is no compromise here.
  • Support – we understand connectivity technology so you don’t have to. We will proactively monitor your schools equipment and react when something goes wrong to ensure you get the most out of your connectivity, get support from people you trust.